Organized By Jazz

Organized by Jazz

Find out ways to tackle the clutter keeping your attention from what matters most in your life.

About Jazz

A devoted, optimistic perfectionist with a passion to help people take the steps needed to reach their optimal self one room at a time.

Personal story

My mother would tell you that growing up I was the LEAST organized person. I was a mess!!! At any given point of time, you would be able to walk into my room and find at least 10-15 empty or half-empty water bottles. There were more clothes on the floor and pushed under my bed than was actually in the closet or drawers. The thought of doing my laundry and cleaning my room completely overwhelmed me, I couldn’t fathom where to start. I would find myself pacing back and forth, not being able to focus on one area long enough to actually finish cleaning it. My room became a place that I never wanted to be in that added stress to my already stressful life. It was almost impossible to get any work done in my room. Once I was able to find a small corner, I would immediately get distracted by the mess staring at me.

One of my best friends came into town to visit for a girls weekend, so I did my best to hide my mess. Long story short she could tell that something was off. I wasn’t as happy and I never wanted to stay home. One morning she woke me up and asked if she could help me with my clothes before she leaves the next day. I was so embarrassed I didn’t know what to say but I knew I needed the help. We talked about life the entire time and next thing you knew, three hours flew by and all of my clothing was finally washed, folded and organized (we even tossed a few items she knew I wasn’t going to wear). I instantly felt relief and a lot more relaxed. I could finally see all of my garments, color-coordinated hanging beautifully in my closet. The following few weeks were probably the most productive and happiest I felt since I first moved into that apartment. I realized then, that my space played a very important role in my life productivity and overall mental well being. As the years went by, I was able to maintain an organizing system that fit my life style perfectly through creating a strong base and adjusting the system accordingly as my life style and schedule changed. OrganizedByJazz allows me to combine my years of corporate work experience and passion to help others reach their full potential starting with one space at a time.

Mission Statement:

To teach individuals how to organize and declutter their home or workspace to create an environment for important activities and events—guiding each person through a process to access their environmental goals and achieve success with the ongoing organizing process.

Not only does a tidy space invoke an aesthetically pleasing sense of calm, using colors and objects that enhance your mood, but people can mend relationships.

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